Robinson Flooring has become the community expert on self leveling underlayment’s and topping installations. Designed to save you both time and money on your project, we can custom tailor a self leveling installation solution to fit your commercial, industrial or residential project. At Robinson Flooring, our manufacture certified professional installation teams use top-grade products, ensuring the quality and health of your floors for years to come.

Does your project require a Self Leveling Underlayment Installation?

Often after demolition of an existing floor covering or walking onto a project for the first time you are left with a slab or plywood substrate that will not be acceptable to receive new floor covering. The quickest and best option to achieve a smooth, smooth & flat, or a smooth, flat & level substrate is a self leveling underlayment. You will not have to worry about uneven trowel marks telegraphing through your new floor covering or the time & inconvenience it takes to apply several coats of a hand troweled application. Your entire project up to 100K sqft can be completed in hours instead days or weeks. A self leveling underlayment solution, such as Ardex K-15 will save time and money on your commercial, industrial or residential job. Safe to walk on within 1-3 hours of application, it will keep your job moving forward fast, and allow you to install nearly any type of flooring in as little as 16 hours, or leave it exposed & sealed or even polished with a topping option for a smooth and durable wear layer. Our highly trained, manufacture certified professionals have the equipment and experience to get your underlayment needs handled quickly. Allow our courteous team of local experts present you a solution that fits your needs.


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